Are a fictional extraterrestrial humanoid species in the Star Trek franchise who originate from the planet Vulcan.

In the various Star Trek television series and movies, they are noted for their attempt to live by logic and reason with as little interference from emotion as possible.

They were the first extraterrestrial species in the Star Trek universe to observe first contact protocol with humans.

The imaginary planet Vulcan is said to exist in the real the triple star system 40 Eridani, 17 light years from earth, orbiting the largest star A, a main sequence K1 star.

Vulcans are depicted as similar in appearance to humans.

The main physical differences are their eyebrows and ears: the former are arched and upswept, while the latter feature pinnae that taper to a point at the top.

The ears have been the subject of jokes on many occasions. Most caucasoid-like Vulcans (most of those shown throughout the series' runs) typically appear with a subtle greenish hue to their skin, due to Vulcans' copper-based blood, which is green (Earth's horseshoe crabs have blue blood, due to copper-based hemocyanin).

Other features described include an inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights, an adaptation for their bright, hot home world.

In addition, their hearts are located on the right side of the torso, between the ribs and pelvis; as Dr.

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The Vulcan homeworld, also named Vulcan, was mentioned in the original series, and in the script-adaptation anthology Star Trek 2, author James Blish put the planet in orbit around the star 40 Eridani A, 16 light years from Earth, an identification later adopted by Roddenberry. Vulcan is a reddish Minshara-Class planet.

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